Charles City County 2007 Planning Committee

Our Part

  • Web Design
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MPD Team

Design: Morgan Porter

Art Direction: Morgan Porter

Web Development: Morgan Porter



The Challenge

Charles City County is nestled between Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia. With its southern border the James River, the County is home to many historic plantations, which are visited by thousands of tourists every year. In 2007, the State of Virginia celebrated the 400th anniversary of the establishment of Jamestown, and Charles City County wanted to be a part of that. They needed a website that would promote the local plantations and other attractions and also be a place to explore the rich history of the area. The new site would also need to stand-alone after the passing of the 400th Anniversary celebration.

The Solution

After meeting with representatives from the local History Center, residents and local business owners, MPD designed a site that divided the wide range of content into three main sections – Visit, Learn and Live. The “Visit” section contained all the different attractions of the county, the “Learn” section featured online exhibits and other historical information and the “Live” section held information mostly for county residents. The design of the site is inspired by the natural state of the county today and fully engrosses the viewer in the outdoors.

Visit the

Other sections to note:
Charles City County Find-it Map!
Online Exhibits
Genealogical Databases