The American Civil War Center at Tredegar

Our Part

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MPD Team

Design: Morgan Porter

Art Direction: Morgan Porter


WordPlay, Terri L. Jones



American Civil War Center Annual Report 2009

The Challenge

Opening in 2000, The American Civil War Center at Tredegar is the nation’s first museum to interpret the Civil War from Union, Confederate and African American perspectives. As with many nonprofit museums, ACWC needed an annual report that could hold its own against larger organizations, but didn’t come off as too pricey ... in other words, a superfluous expense to its donors.

The Solution

MPD proved that impact does not always require a splashy design. Using an off-white stock (with matching envelope) and only two ink colors, MPD created a clean, refined look that kept costs reined in but gave the organization the cachet that it was looking for. Because it’s important that potential donors read the annual report, MPD also reworked content supplied by ACWC to make it more engaging and encourage readership. The result was an annual report that both visually and editorially motivated donors to read to the end.

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