Rawls McNelis + Mitchell

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MPD Team

Design: Morgan Porter

Art Direction: Morgan Porter


Agency: Matt Smyers Group



Rawls McNelis + Mitchell Rebranding

The Challenge

When Rawls and McNelis added a third named partner, they wanted to create a new logo and give their brand a facelift. Rawls and McNelis specialize in Medical Malpractice Defense. They needed a professional and modern look but wisely decided to steer clear of the traditional gavels, scales and columns.

The Solution

Through researching medical law, meeting some of the attorneys and countless sketches, MPD came up with a mark that is inspired by the Star of Life. Though the overall shape calls on the Star of Life, the symbol uses 3 sections that simultaneously represent the three named partners and the three main areas of law they practice: Medical Malpractice Defense, VA and Military Medical Malpractice, and Vaccination Injury. The multi-part symbol is meaningful, modern, and instantly sets them apart in a crowded world of attorneys. It works well across all media, including their new business cards, stationary, office signage and envelopes.

View the Rawls McNelis + Mitchell Brand Guide (PDF)