Find Family Services, LLC

Our Part

  • Branding
  • Web Design
  • Front-end Web Development


Social Services

MPD Team

Design: Morgan Porter

Art Direction: Morgan Porter

Front-end Web Development:
Daniel Chong


Logo Design: Maya Lee

Web Development: Loadsys Consulting



The Challenge

In Virginia, it can sometimes be difficult to connect youth and families to resources in their communities. Individuals like therapists, social workers and case workers need help navigating Virginia’s complex human service system and make informed decisions about plans of care.

The Solution

MPD created a logo and brand that represents the family and search for services all in one. The brand was used on a custom designed website that allows Vendors to create their own account and manage their information on the site. Vendors can choose from various subscription levels, which display more or less information depending on the level. Anyone visiting the site can do a simple search on a whim, or sign up for a free account to give access to a more detailed search form. Behind the scenes, administrators can manage Vendor and User accounts as well as the content throughout the website. The website also features an advertising management tool so the staff can manage their own advertisements.

Visit the website: